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Narek Aslikyan
Co-founder and CEO at Armenian Code Academy

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Narek Aslikyan is the co-founder and CEO of Armenian Code Academy, Armenia's leading tech educational institution. 

Previously, Narek was a business development manager and sourcing evangelist at AmazingHiring, a global HRTech startup. He relocated to Armenia in 2016. Narek graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics.

Armenian Code Academy is a trusted educational provider that effectively predicts and fulfills the labor market gap. Our educational hub paves the way for easy access to the tech industry for its graduates.

We are a team of education enthusiasts committed to providing quality and passionate about innovation and experiments.

In pursuit of excellence, we educate future and current tech professionals and create a stable talent pipeline for employers. Our aim is to align tech education with industry needs, and foster practice-based, inclusive, and lifelong learning opportunities.